Pino Cabras : Australia is being militarised for an assault on China

Publié le 15 novembre 2021 - 17:51
Pino Cabras
Pino Cabras (source:

Born in Sardinia, Pino Cabras is a financial analyst and Italian Member of Parliament, head of the new Parliamentary group L’Alternativa c’è. He is co-founder of Pandora TV, two reinformation channels and author of several books including Strategie per una guerra mondiale. Dall'11 settembre al delitto Bhutto and with Giulietto Chiesa, Barack Obush. colpi di coda di un impero in declino. In February 2021, along with twenty or so other MPs, he was expelled from 5 Stelle for withholding confidence in a Mario Draghi Government.

Owing to an increasing number of requests for English-language versions of FranceSoir’s material, readers will find below a full translation of the Hon. Cabras’ remarks that appear as a video elsewhere on the site as a Debriefing, in the French-language original.

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Summary of interview:

Pino Cabras is a foreign-policy specialist, peace-activist and supporter of Julien Assange.

In his view, having leapt into the trap of Russophobia, Europe is now blindly stumbling towards World War III. In that context, he observes that the police state being locked into place in Australia is a prelude to militarising that island-continent. Australia’s destiny, or so NATO would have it, is as a mere launch-pad for nuclear war with China.

Since 2009, Pino Cabras has been observing with growing disquiet the militarisation of Western society behind a smokescreen of public health concerns, as one began to see with the media-campaigns around bird flu and so forth.

Bitterly opposed to the Green Pass in Italy, he calls upon his fellow citizens to continue taking to the streets, and refuse to be intimidated by the now-patent collusion between certain official forces and agents provocateurs. Adequate anti-provocateur measures can readily be put into place, to ensure that the demonstrations go ahead in a dignified, non-violent manner.

Full transcript follows:

Q. You are Vice-President of the Italian Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Commission and head of a new Parliamentary group, L’Alternative c’è. Tell us about your background and political career.  How did you come to be a foreign-policy specialist?

A. I am 53 years old, and hold a Degree in Political Science and a Master’s Degree in industrial relations.  For twenty years, I worked in a Sardinian territorial development bank where my responsibilities involved international matters as well.

I’ve always been involved in peace movements.  Meanwhile, I’ve written several books on geopolitics and for thirteen years, edited a Website called Megachip which covers issues more often as not ignored by the mainstream media. Being involved with peace movements, I met people from all over the world, who held differing views on international affairs.  I began to discover the dignity of interests and rights, elsewhere – which may sometimes contradict others’ rights and interests.

Following World War II, the world has been teetering on the brink of World War III; the power of modern weapons systems has only served to increase the danger. Facing such danger means facing complexity  - it’s not just Good against Evil.  The proper tools are political and diplomatic. Here in the Western world, that means self-criticism.  Colonial interventions by the Western powers, alongside the petrol monarchies, have led to catastrophe.

Allow me to add that dealing with complexity is a sine qua non - even when it comes to minor domestic political issues.

Q. How and why did you leave 5 Stelle in January 2021?

A. 5 Stelle’s leaders chose to expel twenty or so Italian MPs in January, including myself, when we objected to a vote of confidence for the Government led by Mario Draghi.

In the 2018 elections, 5 Stelle won a sensational victory, thanks to a platform that purported to attack austerity and neo-liberalism – precisely what Mario Draghi has stood for over the past three decades.  By granting its confidence to the Draghi Government, 5 Stelle has shown itself a turncoat and betrayed its voter-base.

L’Alternativa c’è stands for the need for change.

Q. Your new parliamentary group is called L'Alternativa c'è. Have you chosen the name to rise up against Margaret Thatcher’s TINA (There is no Alternative)?

A. Exactly.  We were fairly gobsmacked when we saw these little Thatcher offspring seizing power, meanwhile wielding the same-old same-old policy.

No matter that Governments come and go.  No matter that the citizenry call out for a policy turnaround in economics and on virtually every front.  No!  They go at it hammer-and-tongs, TINA!  TINA!
We say: There IS an Alternative !  To be built up, brick by brick, alongside individual citizens, social classes, organisations, intellectuals, communities that do not care to be sacrified on the altar of Anglo-American finance, entangled with the ruling elites who pull Mario Draghi’s strings.

Q. The Italian Constitution reads at Section 1: « Italy is a democratic Republic, founded on labour.»

That foundation, the right to work, is no longer guaranteed since the alleged “Covid” crisis.

L'Alternativa c'è has been founded in the face of an emergency, and notably an economic emergency, namely the survival of small and medium business, and of the working class itself.
Would you mind sketching out your economic reconstruction programme? 

Will you pull out of the Euro?

A. Withdrawing from the Euro system does not boil down to a quick jaunt to the notary’s office to sign a deed or two.
It entails quite the geopolitical upheaval, factors hard to get a grip on, since the Government will be called upon to take complex technical decisions, with no certainty that the people will follow.

Reflection is in order, as to how one moves towards a new monetary structure without unleashing turmoil.

There are interesting economists like Fitoussi, Brancaccio, Mosler et alii, who suggest alternative policy-models.  These are people who seek solutions to counter the “external contraints” behind which lurk the neo-liberals:  social Darwinism, applied to economics and to our citizens’ lives.

Our answer to austerity policy is a flat, unconditional NO.

We want the EU’s fiscal and economic convergence criteria to be revised.

For decades now, those criteria have obstructed growth (from the Maastricht criteria to later agreements such as the Stability Pact, the Budgetary Pact, the Six-Pack regulations, the alleged Rule of 3% and so forth).  The Italian  Republic must keep up its sleeve all means required to uphold the Constitution and protect the public interest, free from third-party interference.

Q. You denounce “powerful interests” served by Prime Minister Draghi, which, you say, will sacrifice millions of Italians who will no longer be able to live by their own work.

You say “troubled times” lie ahead.

Who are these people?

A. Draghi serves a faction of the Italian elite, which is intent upon integrating ever-more tightly into Anglo-American finance capital, and a faction of Central European industrial interests dominated by the German value-chain.

These factions despise the independence, creativity and flexibility of Italy’s small-and-medium businesses, her craftsmen, her independent workers, the cultural and tourist industries.

The plan is to convert everything into a mere satellite or rather, vassal of huge IT and related conglomerates

Over many generations, Italian families have accumulated a great mass of savings; in the eyes of the financial institutions where Draghi has always held leadership positions, those savings represent booty lying there for the taking.

Q. On 19th October, you observed that the Government has made of the so-called “Anti-vaxers” a scapegoat, before launching an austerity drive without precedent in modern history.

President Mattarella recently alleged that “the economic recovery is being jeopardised by those who criticise the Green Pass”.

You have compared the Draghi Government to that of Augusto Pinochet in Chile, and state that its agenda has nothing to do with public health, which is a mere fig-leaf for a looming police state.

Could you explain?

A. Although I have indeed compared the present state of affairs to how public order was dealt with in Chile in the 70’s, I am not suggesting that Draghi is Pinochet.

Nevertheless, the confrontational tone of debate over this Covid business has become extremely disturbing - , indeed, McCarthyist in tone – whether heard from the Government or from the Head of State.  Politicians and journalists compete in excoriating all dissidence.

We suggest we get back to science, rationality and plain common sense.

Italy would appear to occasionally toy with experiments in new and original forms of authoritarianism, fed by applause from the mainstream media, with politics being run to a military logic.  Our people has been stripped of the freedom enjoyed by other nations.

As one might have anticipated, disaster lies in wait. In terms of public health, the Green Pass is worthless.  It’s been designed solely to control millions of citizens, whose wings of freedom have now been clipped.

Today, the pretext is public health.  Tomorrow’s pretext is anyone’s guess.

Q. The Greek people see the rule of Tsipras, who agreed to the Troika’s austerity measures, as treason.  Hundreds of thousands of young Greeks have emigrated, and the country’s assets are being sold off to the highest bidder. What are your comments?

A. Greece has been a trial-site for a team of “hired killers” in economic matters.

The Troika saw itself as an inexorable dictatorship, that would willingly play along with any  change in government, provided there never be a change in policy.
Ritual voting, elections, referenda, democracy …  without alternating one jot or tittle of economic policy.

As political parties dole out a few million Euro here and there, the billions of Euro are tightly clutched in the grip of the true powers.

Any political platform that fails to deal with that has already lost.

Q. In France, several movements are calling for withdrawal from NATO, the EU and/or the Euro:  Les Patriotes (F. Philippot, Frexit), the UPR with François Asselineau (Frexit), La Voie du Peuple with Jean-Frédéric Poisson … In Germany, DieBasis, in Austria Autriche MFG-Österreich have just garnered quite a respectable percentage of the vote.

Are you in contact with these parties, and with Movimento 3V in Italy?

A. For the time being, our relations with other political forces take place during demonstrations, out there in the streets.

Our aim is to see the entire opposition unite in view of the 2023 elections.  That may not prove easy, but we will forge ahead.

Q. Along the same lines as Indro Montanelli’s campaigns in the Corriere della Sera against Enrico Mattei and then against Aldo Moro, the mainstream media in 2021 would appear to be on a McCarthyite campaign against the so-called Anti-Vaxers.

However, new media out there – 100 Giorni da Leoni, Byublu, Luogocomune with Massimo Mazzucco, etc., now reach several million viewers each a month.

What role do these new media play?

A. The period we are living through is warmed-up McCarthysm.

The mainstream media sets up background noise in an attempt to drown out all dissidence. Add to that the workings of social networks, the Silicon Valley conglomerates, with their Wall Street portfolios, all moving in concert.  The background noise is One-Think and ever-harsher censorship.

That being said, what used to be called counter-information is increasingly well-received, with its own news channels and champions.

That will not however suffice. Control over the news as such is but one thin layer of the communications onion-skin.

Advertising for example, deals not only in news, but in wishes, emotions, the state of mind of billions of people worldwide, trapped in a bubble of narcissism.  The collective dimension has been put out of mind.

Although the road back to democratic mass-media may be long, it must be travelled.

Q. Since 18th October, from the Aviano and Ghedi airbases, Italy’s sky is the theatre of a NATO nuclear wargame, Steadfast Noon 2021.

Despite the stockpiling of atomic weapons on Italy’s territory, the Italian General Staff has no say in their use.  The USA holds seven military bases in Italy, extraterritorial of course.

Were there nuclear war, Italy would be wiped from the map in seconds.

Does L'Alternative C'è call for withdrawal from NATO?  If so, what is your concept of national defence?

A. NATO is in crisis.

To such a degree, that in various NATO member States, the elites are quietly discussing issues previously off-bounds.
Italy’s involvement in NATO warfare over the past 20 years has severely dented both our prestige and our economy.

We have got to stop behaving like vassals.  Our survival as a great nation is at stake. Italy must increasingly take a multilateral geopolitical stand.

The umbrella-ribs of the various treaties and organisations binding Italy must widen out, to leave us more leeway – like other great nations who insist on having far greater decisional power.

Even in Europe’s great capitals this is no longer a taboo.  During the Cold War itself, Italy had a tradition of leadership in the Mediterranean. That remains true today.

Q. You have harshly criticised the European Commission and more specifically, its Russophobia which delayed and nearly wrecked Nord Stream 2.
In a recent interview to France Soir, General Grégoire Diamantidis has pointed to the notoriously close ties between the EU, the European Commission and NATO.

What are the stages for Italy’s recovering her sovereignity?

A. Our relations to Russia are critical.  There will neither be security for Europe in opposition to Russia, nor security for Russia in opposition to Europe.

If Italy is to defend her vital interests, she must stand up and make herself heard.

History has taught us fatal lessons.  In European policy matters, there is no getting round Russia’s leadership role. The current futile and ill-judged flight forward, is - in the footsteps of Napoleon and Hitler - the third attempt to somehow pry Russia out of Europe.

There must be a Common European Home, with every Member State enjoying the same degree of security.  Albeit this was Italy’s post-War policy objective, it has not yet materialised.  Nevertheless, that aim must be restated, and a new peace movement must be got underway.

Q. In respect of Australia, you suggest that the police state now in place is but a prelude to outright militarisation of Australian society on the Spartan model.

Australia is to become a mere launch-pad for nuclear war against China. Please elaborate.

A. Storm-winds are gathering over the Pacific.  The Anglo-American power-bloc would appear to be girding for a bloody clash with China. Their natural launch-pad will be Australia.

Behind the screen conveniently provided by Covid, this aspect is what makes the country’s overnight switch to a police state rather more understandable:  the population is being marched into rank in readiness for warfare.

No matter how strangely far-off all this may seem, allow me to suggest that we actively concern ourselves with the possible consequences.

Q. Immigration from outwith the EU has become a very notable presence in Italy.  You have stated that the Western powers financed, armed and  deployed Daesh and other “Islamist” entities to overthrow sovereign States.  Millions of men and women have had to choose between death or flight.

What does L’Alternative c’è propose to help these people return home?

A. The migration issue is a hot potato.  Any attempt to raise this without certain provocative individuals, whether from the Right or the Left, who have made quite the hobby-horse of it, readily becomes very tiresome.

That said, the matter calls for an entirely new framework and onewe have been proposing for some time now:
- on the European level, do what Europe has to date prevented:  negotiate how to deal with the endless waves of migrants.  Put in place a stable structure, whereby every country undertakes to patrol her own borders, give succour to those in danger, identify and ensure military control over all entry-points (harbours, airports) throughout Europe);
- thoroughly review the Dublin rules, a central point.  Reach a clearcut consensus, leaving no elbow-room for ambiguity, as to where and how the refugees will be allocated;
- define standardised means of crushing the slave-trade mafia.  Find dignified ways to integrate refugees into the workforce and society, in the light of their respective skills.

For our part, we seek to open every diplomatic avenue to repair the economic fabric of the wider Meditterranean.  Stabilising the Sahel region, as Africa shakes off the trammels of colonialism, although that may seem a pipedream for the moment, nevertheless remains a critical strategic issue for hundreds of millions of Africans – and for Italy’s people as well.  What will prove decisive is dealing with what lies upstream of these waves of migrants:  the economy of injustice, which has brought in its train a dreadful cost to mankind, as entire States are sacrificed to political manoeuvring.

Q. There are commentators out there who compare the state of affairs in Italy in 2021 to the Anni di piombo (circa 1968-1982). Tens of thousands take to the streets against the Green Pass only to find themselves facing agents provocateurs.

On 19th October you stated publicly that the bully-boys who assaulted the CGIL trades-union HQ at Rome on 8th October, are associated with the proto-fascist group Forza Nuova.

Is there evidence of who pulls these people’s strings?

A. Italian history remains scarred by the Strategy of Tension, where various agencies advanced hand-in-hand with extremists.  This polluted democracy as well as the demonstrations in the streets of our cities.  The watchword was “Destabilise to stabilise”.  Our current Interior Minister has just acknowledged that street-actions led by a neo-fascist group called Forza Nuova had, in some way or other, been negotiated with the police.  Putting aside the worst-case-scenario, let’s just say that this is an appalling way to deal with public order.

Q. L’Alternativa c’è has been actively backing the anti-Green Pass demonstrations, and notably the Trieste dockers’ movement.

Last week, the dockers called off a citizens’ demonstration in support of their movement, owing to rumours that agents provocateurs would appear in force.

You have stated that calling a demonstration off, rather than ensuring it go ahead safely, only serves to put petrol in the Draghi Government’s tank, while jeopardising the movement.

What’s the way forward?

A. All I’d say here is that whatever may be needed to get infiltrators out of the demonstrations will have to be done.  We shall continue to demonstrate and be involved, on a strictly non-violent basis.

Q. Are you aware of the research carried out by Thomas Röper and a high-level, though anonymous IT specialist in Germany?

Or the research on a worldwide “vaccine” pass, carried out in the USA by associates of Amy BOHN in the parents’ association known as PERK:  links to the Department of Defence, DARPA etc.?

A. Back in 2009, one would have scarcely imagined anything like the current “Covid crisis”.  I use the word “scarcely” advisedly.

But, as it happens, back in 2009, I penned an article that presented certain structures and power-mechanisms on the very highest level; already back in the day, they had drawn up the modus operandi that has now lurched into view.  I had imagined what perils that might entail, and asked “Might public-health security measures operate the way military security does?  If the Court of Auditors itself struggles to gain visibility, what secrets lie out of sight?  With swine-flu as a background, one saw at the time how health matters were being militarised, by playing on that most primitive of fears, fear of disease.

In that 2009 piece, I had stated that “more generally, one discovers a modus operandi designed to stir up diffuse alarm and even panic,  amplified by the mass-media, as governments fret that one string.  The modus operandi had already been tested with SRAS and bird-flu … and is now locking into place”.

In my view, this business with the Green Pass weaves together multifarious, authoritarian strands, using an electronic document that institutes a social-credit system.  The plan is to gauge each citizen’s obedience and thereby, rule.


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