"The problems these vaccines pose must be confronted, and urgently"- Jean-Marc Sabatier

Estelle Fougères, for FranceSoir
Publié le 27 janvier 2022 - 21:24
DR / FranceSoir
Jean-Marc Sabatier, Research Director at the CNRS.
DR / FranceSoir

What do we know about immunity? How is it activated following an infection or vaccination? What is innate non-specific immunity? What about adaptive or acquired immunity? How were the vaccines developed? Are they still effective on new variants? How dangerous is the new Omicron variant? What does ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement) and ERD (enhanced respiratory disease) mean? What do we know about the adverse effect adverse effects of the vaccine’s Spike protein? Can repeated multiple injections lead to lasting deregulation of the immune system? What role does vitamin D play in preventing infection?

These are the main themes addressed by Jean-Marc Sabatier, Research Director at the CNRS (Centre National de Recherche Scientifique), PhD in cell biology and microbiology, affiliated with the Institute of Neurophysiopathology at the University of Aix-Marseille. The views expressed here by Dr. Sabatier are his own and do not represent the institution.

Today, we publish the third part of this interview.

Estelle Fougères - Do you expect an emerging health crisis over the next few years on the heels of this unreasonable vaccination strategy?

Jean-Marc Sabatier - Should multiple boosters with these vaccines continue to be administered, such a crisis though not inevitable, is highly likely. We must check this headlong rush to mass vaccination (especially of very young children), and back off from regular boosters: if one insists upon a fourth, fifth and sixth dose, most of the population will no doubt suffer from latent and potentially irreversible adverse effects.

The press of course denies any issues with a third dose, and insists that the effects are equivalent to a second Pfizer dose ... or just perhaps, just a few more adverse effects, but nothing serious. Therefore, no problem with a third ...or so they say.

I have myself pointed to immediate problems with these doses, especially for those deficient in vitamin D, etc. But the adverse effects will not stop at the immediately obvious ones. Just because someone comes down with a fever for two days, and then seems to suffer from nothing at all, doesn't mean the problem is solved. It's far more insidious.

The immediate effects are but the tip of the iceberg. The day the submerged elements become visible, it will be catastrophic, as there is no going back. Moreoever, by injecting boosters carrying a heavy messenger RNA load, saturating the system, one heads for major immune system dysfunction, autoimmune disease, even cancers. Covid-19 diseases also include autoimmune disease and cancers. The renin- angiotensin system has many functions, with possible repercussions on various tissues and organs notably the brain, lungs, kidneys, heart, spleen, liver, skin, gonads, adrenal glands, vascular system, and intestines. It controls renal, pulmonary, cardiovascular, innate immunity and intestinal microbiota functions. It acts on fibrosis and organ hypertrophy (overactivation of the AT1R receptor).

Estelle Fougères - And vasculitis? Since Sars-CoV-2 is a respiratory disease that affects the vessels.

Jean-Marc Sabatier - Exactly. The ACE2 receptor of the renin-angiotensin system is found on the vascular system’s endothelial cells, those which line the inner surface of the blood vessels), as well as on the epithelial cells (cardiomyocytes, etc.) of various tissues and organs. One thus finds vasculitis arising from inflammation of the blood vessels. The female endometrium and the testicles are also rich in ACE2 receptors, nor does this exclude a possible direct or indirect effect of the viral or vaccine Spike protein on the reproductive process. Although menstrual problems and miscarriages are being reported, we don't yet know the effect on reproduction. In the long term, injecting these products can only be harmful. The best one can hope for is no effect.

However, this does not seem to be the case, an impact on blood coagulation and menstruation having been reported. The impact on blood coagulation is obvious, since because the renin-angiotensin system appears in the vascular system. There are ACE2 receptors, cellular receptors for the virus, on all blood vessels. This is why one finds inflammation, because the AT1R receptor, overactivated whether by the virus (via its Spike protein), or by the vaccine Spike protein, is pro-inflammatory, pro-oxidant, pro- angiogenic, pro-thrombotic, pro-hypertrophic, pro-fibrosing, and pro-hypertensive. Pro-inflammatory indicates that it induces a cytokine storm and inflammation. Since this system is found on the blood vessels, it produces blood vessel inflammation or vasculitis. The system is also found in the brain; neurological disorders are possible and have been observed. Indeed, the virus has been shown to infect neurons or astrocytes, cells found in the brain.

Estelle Fougères - At the neural level, this has manifested in anosmia, loss of the sense of smell.

Jean-Marc Sabatier - There is also loss of taste, called ageusia. There are repercussions everywhere, because the renin-angiotensin system (which Sars-CoV-2 attacks) is found in all organs - the brain, gonads, intestine, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, adrenal glands, spleen, pancreas, vascular system, the skin. It is really everywhere.

By playing the sorcerer's apprentice and repeatedly injecting this flawed vaccine composition, we shall hit the wall. These multiple injections are unreasonable and dangerous. A scientific committee has been deliberating. How can they not realise this? Need one stress that the vaccine’s Spike protein is potentially harmful/toxic and causes innate immunity to malfunction? The scientific committee will likely be forced to align itself with government health policy - one pursued by many countries – which aims at compulsory vaccination for all, regardless of the health context. These decisions strike me as dangerous to the point of madness. In injecting multiple, regular boosters, they seem to see one thing only: increasing the proportion of neutralising antibodies by a factor of ten, twenty or thirty, to increase protection. They either fail to see or fail to take into account the booster’s negative impact on the body and the immune system.

That negative impact far outweighs any benefit from increasing production of neutralising antibodies, especially against the Delta and Omicron variants, both of which are minimally (Delta) or very minimally (Omicron) lethal. Weighing the Spike protein’s direct toxicity, potential autoimmune disease, cancer, thrombosis, thrombocytopenia, myocarditis, pericarditis, etc., on the one hand, against scant residual immune protection against a highly contagious but scarcely lethal virus on the other, the choice would seem obvious. 

Estelle Fougères - For the first time in medical history, a phase 3 vaccine was authorised in a rush. With no hindsight, mass vaccination was launched. Including a few months ago, for those aged 12 and up, and now for children from the age of 5. How can the health authorities such as the Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS), possibly recommend vaccination for such young people?

Jean-Marc Sabatier - Vaccinating children en masse is irrational. No child will suffer from lethal forms of Covid-19 unless he has some severe co-morbidity.

Injecting this vaccine can only prove negative for children, precisely because their innate immunity is so effective, not to speak of favourable physiological features at the renin- angiotensin system level, a BALT tissue system that by eliminating pathogens protects the bronchial tubes, etc. This neutralises a virus which in a child, is benign. Given the child’s vigorous innate immune response, the effects of the Spike protein will be all the more harmful, manifesting in higher rates of myocarditis, pericarditis, etc. - - up to 40 times higher - in those children with a particularly efficient, highly reactive immune system.

In France and worldwide, the vaccine programme was launched amongst the elderly and those with significant comorbidities. For children, there is no health benefit: they have zero lethality, while protection from these injections is scant, not to say useless for children. As for contagion - a subject of controversy – this is slight or nil. Meanwhile, there is tremendous risk to children's health.

Estelle Fougères - Has there ever been a similar vaccination campaign, or is this a first?

Jean-Marc Sabatier - To take so few precautions with these multiple vaccinations and boosters, jettisoning all safeguards, lacking all hindsight... This is doubtless a first. Boosters have been decided upon with no review. A 3rd dose, and then a 4th and a 5th? Never studied by the manufacturers, who themselves lack all hindsight. And what of boosters whereby an adenovirus vaccine is administered on the heels of a messenger RNA vaccine or vice versa? Untested! No monitoring or pharmacovigilance data on those who first took an mRNA vaccine and then an adenovirus vaccine, or vice versa.

Estelle Fougères - Developing and producing a vaccine is a notoriously long, drawn-out process, even with proven techniques such as an inactivated- or attenuated-virus platform. At the present time, there is little or no concern for the long-term effects. Are we aware of the risks?

Jean-Marc Sabatier - Such campaigns call for years of hindsight, instead of which we are flying blind. The authorities are sleepwalking into incessant vaccinations and boosters. They assert that failing adverse effects within two months of an injection, no issues will arise. Wrong! Adverse effects may well appear only belatedly. Autoimmune disease or cancer may present months later, but once apparent, it will be too late: there is no turning back. While children clearly find no benefit from the injections, we are expected to believe that the elderly are thereby being protected. Wrong again! The vaccinated are equally contagious, according to some experimental data. Any benefits anticipated early on, have by now vanished or are in the process of so doing. These first- generation vaccines are virtually obsolete, as well as being potentially dangerous on account of the vaccine’s Spike protein, and possibly some of their adjuvants.

Estelle Fougères - Why should the young be asked to take on so great a risk, supposedly on the elderly’s behalf?

Jean-Marc Sabatier - One cannot even be certain of any benefit to the elderly: we’re at a stage now where the unvaccinated can usefully be compared to the vaccinated, with published articles indicating similar viral contagiousness in the two groups. Although the vaccinated may until now have been less contagious than the rest, this no longer seems to be the case. The longer one administers these first-generation vaccines, the less effective in this respect. They are already virtually obsolete. Consequently, they will protect neither against infection nor contagion, and present merely drawbacks – potentially very serious ones. A swelling number of scientific publications point to the perils attendant upon these vaccines and their Spike protein. The ADE / ERD phenomena will become increasingly apparent, as will the Spike protein’s direct toxicity. It can only get worse – much worse.

Estelle Fougères - The knowledge you propose here will be blacked out of the mainstream media, which censor those researchers who disapprove of mass-vaccinating across the board. The general public has been led to believe that vaccine=protection=neutralisation, nor have they even heard of facilitating antibodies. Scientific debate is non-existent right now. A self-respecting democracy necessarily allows for scientific debate. There has been none here. Would you like to comment?

Jean-Marc Sabatier - Many of my social network posts on adverse effects or on the danger from boosters, have been deleted as “fake news”. On LinkedIn, posts vanish. Personally, I've had five or six posts erased, posts indicating that vaccinations are anything but harmless, and may bring on adverse effects, especially the boosters. Television massively promotes vaccines to “save lives”. Although I do not object to vaccines in general, I do object to their wrongful, irresponsible deployment: the campaign imperils our health – especially that of young people.

The moment one put forward another scientific viewpoint, one becomes a pariah, a conspiracy theorist, someone whose voice must be stifled. The authorities’ policy is to vaccinate at all costs. Health is but a side-issue. The aim is plainly to vaccinate en masse, no matter whether that be even remotely worthwhile. These multiple boosters are the most dangerous. Early on, it looked as though the vaccines might have worked, somewhat; meanwhile, the grave adverse effects induced by the vaccine’s Spike protein were not as apparent as they have now become. The peril before us is real, and the alarm must be raised. The authorities are vaccinating children from age 5 on, with trials underway on tiny children, even on infants. What is astonishing is that this mass-vaccination craze has spread worldwide, with a seeming consensus on injecting the entire world’s population. Faced with the flood of scientific data on the perverse effects of the vaccine’s Spike protein, I find that incomprehensible. The precautionary principle has been thrown to the dogs.

Estelle Fougères - Awareness often follows on a tragedy, such as a 17-year-old with myocarditis. Not only the family but all the neighbours know. In Israel, the vaccine safety advisory committee has objected to the boosters - but will it be heard?

Jean-Marc Sabatier - The Israeli committee said no to a fourth dose - a good thing, as for the first time, an official committee did so. That said, the committee was straightaway overruled by the government, which after first imposing that fourth dose, backed down under serious opposition. It all goes to show that health considerations are not the priority. Vaccinating every four or five months, perhaps even every three months seems to be on the drawing boards.

Editor's note: on 30th December (the interview was conducted before that date), Israel approved the fourth dose "for the most vulnerable".

Estelle Fougères - In the US, there is huge backlash against President Biden's vaccine mandate for employees in firms which employ over 100. The USA is resisting. Some states have long had no mask- mandate; others actually fine companies purporting to compel their employees to be vaccinated. Whereas in France the opposition is still lukewarm.

Jean-Marc Sabatier - Yes, France will likely tag on, in the wake of any policy shift by « vaccine pioneers » such as the United States, England, Israel or Germany. Moreover, I imagine that things will grind to a halt when there is too much broken crockery. But by that time, it will be too late. The problems posed by these vaccines are a matter of urgency, one that is peculiar to this crop of vaccines. It’s got nothing to do with an « anti-vax » stand.

Estelle Fougères - Society is on a roll of “Simple Think”. One has no right to question the vaccine, lest one be pigeonholed as an anti-vaxer. Debate has been stifled, the public barred from gaining access to unwanted information, and discouraged from taking on the true complexity of reality. Thanks to researchers like yourself, awareness is being raised, and there is hope of abandoning this perilous course. Thank you very much, Professor Sabatier, for a fascinating interview.

Jean-Marc Sabatier - You’re very welcome.

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