"It's a biological weapon" Richard Fleming warns about Sars-Cov2

Publié le 25 mai 2021 - 23:14
Mis à jour le 26 mai 2021 - 11:45
Dr Richard Fleming

We know how to handle the modification of viruses in the lab. For many observers, the main question about Sars-Cov2 is: has it been created in a lab?

Dr. Richard Fleming, PhD in Physics, gain of function specialist (competence of adding characteristics and modifying the genome of viruses) takes the time to explain how he came to the conclusion that the virus is not of animal origin.

Through his experience and personal skills, he has tried to understand the role of the USA in the origin of this virus, in particular by following the money trails. What role does corruption play in health measures and scientific advice?
He traced the research funds obtained by several individuals whose names come time and time again in these debates: Ralph Baric, Peter Dazask or even Shi Zen Li.
These money trails amount to hundreds of millions of dollars.
Having been personally harassed and denigrated, he speaks openly about the complaints that have been made against him. He explained what pressure mechanisms are used to manipulate the processing of information. It goes as far as accusing people of perjury to defend their interests.

Richard Fleming also has great respect for the work of Prof. Luc Montagnier and Prof. Didier Raoult.


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