Dr. Scott Jensen : Minnesota, a "Health Sanctuary State" ?

Dr. Scott Jensen : Minnesota, a "Health Sanctuary State" ?

Publié le 12/10/2021 à 16:32
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With 35 years in medical practice, Dr. Scott Jensen is now standing as candidate in the Republican Primary for Governor of Minnesota, ahead of the November 2022 elections.

In today's Debriefing, Dr. Jensen – who has survived four very recent and curious attempts to withdraw his medical license - recalls that it was the US Health Ministry's instructions in 2020 on how to fill out death certificates, so as to inflate, de facto, the Covid statistics, that first led him to seriously question the policy.

Following which, he was disturbed by the notorious unsuitability of the PCR tests for detecting infection rates, given the excessively high number of cycles employed.

Dr. Jensen says what he thinks, and notably refuses to overdramatize Covid infections with his patients. Although he believes there may be a role for the current crop of vaccines, that role is undoubtedly less central than what some would have us believe, while in any event, natural immunity's superiority to the vaccine has now been shown by countless studies.

The pressure unduly placed on the patient-doctor relationship owing to the storm of controversy blown up about the Covid affair has served only to cast opprobrium on the medical profession and to split society in a harmful way. Intimidation, threats, coercion by the authorities, are no answer. The social climate is now worse, says Dr. Jensen, than he has ever seen, even in times of war.

In health matters, says Dr. Jensen, the individual must remain absolutely free to decide for himself. Whereas we are being told that society must attain Zero Covid status, which is unachievable and a perfect myth; we are being told that there is no such thing as natural immunity; informed consent has become a fiction as has medical secrecy; masks and the injections are being pushed on young people with no scientific basis. In a nutshell, science has been trampled upon to make way for the politics of science.

Dr. Jensen will not put up with this and therefore proposes that Minnesota become a Health Sanctuary State. Under the US Constitution, all powers not explicitly devolved to the Federal Government, belong to the States.

Another aspect of great concern to Dr. Jensen, is the fate of small and medium - generally family or owner-operated - businesses, many of which closed over 2020-2021. With his own eyes, he has seen nervous breakdowns, depression, anxiety, suicidal tendencies. Such businesses are however the very fabric of a country: both worker and owner enjoy far greater control over their own lives and the business itself, than they would in a huge conglomerate. More generally, this raises the matter of freedom, and the plain fact that men can be happy only when they are free. Government cash or food handouts to those who formerly ran a business independently cannot be the answer.

Debriefing in association with BonSens.org

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