Prof. Carvallo, Argentina: "Regions that use ivermectin are doing much better!"

Publié le 27 mars 2021
Mis à jour le 27 mars 2021
Dr Hector Carvallo
Dr Carvallo

In this Debriefing interview, Professor Hector Carvallo, a specialist in infectious disease medicine in Argentina, offers a unique insight into the effective treatment of COVID-19 with the anti-parasitic drug ivermectin. Professor Carvallo is a physician and clinical researcher, who had been studying several important uses of ivermectin to treat viral and parasitic diseases prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. He is now recognised worldwide as a pioneer in the use of the drug to treat COVID-19 patients.

Prof. Carvallo is the Lead Investigator in the IDEA and IVERCAR clinical trials: two pioneering studies on the use of ivermectin for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. He has also done ground breaking research into the combined use of ivermectin, iota-carrageenan and bromhexine as both prophylaxis and treatment for COVID-19. 

In this Debriefing interview, offered in partnership with the French civic group, Professor Carvallo gives details of the effects of ivermectin on the pandemic in Argentina, which is widely used in a number of provinces. He compares the experience of those provinces using ivermectin with other provinces that chose not to use the drug. He also discusses the recent decision of the European Medicines Agency not to recommend the use of ivermectin to treat COVID-19 patients… and he does not pull his punches...

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