Statement by Maître Virginie de Araujo-Recchia on her release from custody

Publié le 01 avril 2022 - 20:37
L'avocate Virginie de Araujo-Recchia a été placée en garde à vue mardi 22 mars 2022
Virginie de Araujo-Recchia, lawyer at the Paris Bar.

On 22nd March, Virginie de Araujo-Recchia and six others were arrested by the DGSI (more or less equivalent to MI5) in connection with the Rémy Daillet investigation. The latter was indicted on 22nd October 2021 for allegedly engaging in a "criminal terrorist conspiracy" (association de malfaiteurs terroriste criminelle). Maître de Araujo has been acting in a strictly professional capacity on Daillet’s behalf. Released from custody on 24th March, Maître de Araujo observes in a formal statement (see below), that “not a single charge” has been raised against her, nor is she “even a suspect” (témoin assisté).

The conditions of her arrest and interrogation were she says, "grotesque” (déplorable in French), which conditions Sylvain Baron, a Yellow Jacket leader and author arrested that same day, has described in this week’s interview to France Soir. In Maître de Araujo’s words: "Would it not have been simpler to call me in, rather than carrying me off in front of the children and detaining me under grotesque conditions – when at the end of the day, there being nothing to reproach me with, it proves to be but a fishing expedition?"

In relation to MSM reports tarring her with the brush of terrorism, extremism or even conspiracy, she states : “Trust that I shall not let the business drop: we are dealing with outright libel and intent to harm. I shall moreover exercise my right to respond.

Below, Maître de Araujo-Recchia’s statement in full.

A number of press outlets have reported the fact of my being held in custody on DGSI premises from 22nd to 24th March 2022.

Indeed, on 22nd March 2022 at forty minutes past six in the morning (06:40), twelve individuals including hooded commando officers, entered our residence on board six vehicles and pounded at the front-door.

Although we straightaway opened the door, we saw battering-rams lying about, ready to hammer it down.

The team was made up of various security-agency members, notably from the Direction Générale de la Sécurité Intérieure (DGSI, more or less equivalent to MI5), a representative of the Paris Bar (Bâtonnier du Barreau de Paris), a Clerk of the Court and two investigation-magistrates. Without striking a blow, they entered our residence and searched each and every room including our children’s room, our vehicle and the garden.

They rifled through family photographs, bank statements, several years’ accounts, every single file, the bookshelves and so forth and seized our professional IT and telephone equipment.

All this took place in full view of our young children, a thing which will doubtless leave a mark.

On suspicion of being an accomplice to terrorism, I was then removed to DGSI premises at Levallois-Perret (92).

There, I was held for roughly sixty hours under conditions that can only be described as inhuman. For reasons of personal dignity I shall refrain from elaborating further.

That said, a series of remarks is in order.

On being released from custody, I found that not a single charge would be raised against me, nor was I even a suspect (témoin assisté).

In a word, I am no party to the matter.

Apart from being amongst the lawyers instructed by an individual who has been charged, my involvement with the case is nil.

Would it not have been simpler to call me in, rather than carrying me off in front of the children and detaining me under grotesque conditions – when at the end of the day, there being nothing to reproach me with, it proves to be but a fishing expedition?

Innocent until proven guilty did you say?

Every year, something like 800,000 individuals are taken into custody in France. Despite the stigma, such detention has become perfectly commonplace.

That ratcheting-up in police custody figures is notably due to its having become a Police Commissar’s performance indicator, with everyone jostling for a place in the sun.

One observes nonetheless that lawyers and journalists now tend to be on the receiving end of such treatment. Lacking real or adequate evidence, the authorities have taken to wielding the weapon of intimidation against two professions meant to be pillars of democracy,

The same can be said of those physicians, likewise been subjected to similar forms of intimidation, as they attempt to raise the alarm over certain measures designed to manage the public-health “crisis” or harm incurred through the experimental gene-therapy shots.

These physicians are being sanctioned by their Colleges and called before the Courts – from which they walk away scot-free, given the lack of grounds for prosecution.

As for the Yellow Jackets, I cannot but think of them, first in line to have been subjected to violence at the authorities’ hands.

For years now, I have been actively engaged in matters that have to do with freedom of expression, basic rights and the public-health “crisis”.

That is how I came to draft a report entitled "Dictature 2020, terrorism d’État, atteinte aux intérêts fondamentaux de la Nation et crime contre l’humanité" ("Dictatorship 2020, State terrorism, harm to the Nation’s fundamental interests and crime against humanity"), published by the Observatoire du génocide in November 2020.

At the time of writing, I represent a number of natural persons and legal entities who, in reliance upon the aforesaid report’s arguments, have filed complaints.

What is more, I belong to an international collective of lawyers and jurists who rely upon law to combat the violations of rights and liberties, that have been imposed upon us virtually world-wide and in coordinated fashion under the “public-health crisis” aegis.

Insofar as the pretext for my being held in custody is concerned, namely a certain legal matter, I shall say no more. Firstly, because the matter is under official investigation. Secondly, because I have no access to the files, having neither been charged (mise en examen) nor even suspected (témoin assisté), as explained earlier. Thirdly, as a solicitor my discussions with a client are covered by professional secrecy.

Turning now to the ten-hour interrogation process, these were amongst the questions put to me: 

a.   Are you a patriot?
b.   What does the term “conspiracy theorist” refer to?
c.   Your view of Islam?
d.   Your view of Judaism?
e.   Your view of 5G?
f.    Your view of paedophilia?
g.   Your view of the Freemasonry?
h.   Might there be Ministers with ties to paedophile networks?
i.    Your view of Emmanuel Macron?
j.    What measures have led you to assert that crimes against humanity have been perpetrated?
k.   What is meant by “new world order”?

I leave you to your own thoughts on the matter.

The investigator asked me to set out my “ideology” in broad strokes. I replied that it has nothing to do with an ideology, but rather with plain facts backed by evidence which I have been at pains to collect over the past two years.

The International Court of Public Opinion and the Grand Jury, inter alia, have held hearings at which there testified acknowledged international specialists in science, medicine, psychology and psychopathology, economics, geostrategy, as well as victims past and present.

For my part, I have taken testimony from victims, health-care workers, French firemen and present it to the Grand Jury.

No ideology is being served up here, but rather expert opinion, professionals, witnesses and victims.

Truth alone is the goal we seek.

In a nutshell, one may derive some satisfaction, from the fact that in the course of their investigation, the investigators learnt of the main arguments from the complaints filed on my clients’ behalf during the “public health crisis”.

Here is the list:

Various press outlets have referred to a “terrorist file”, and to my name as a “lawyer representing individuals in conspiracy-theorist circles” or “extremist cells”. The libellous nature of that particular mixture being perfectly plain to all and sundry.

Trust that I shall not let the business drop: we are dealing with outright libel and intent to harm. I shall moreover exercise my right to respond.

There is nothing original about this attempt to tar a lawyer with his client’s brush!Although some of us do seem to wash whiter. No doubt but that the current Minister of Justice is well aware of same, having defended so many (proven) criminals throughout his career.

And then there are those of us who, having confronted the State and major financial interests such as the pharmaceutical-, finance- and MSM multis, find ourselves being in custody without cause.

None of this will prevent my fighting for civil rights and liberties.

Whilst in custody, I had the great good fortune to rely at all times upon the advice of my fellow Paris solicitors Maîtres Maud MARIAN, Serge LEWISCH and Philippe AUTRIVE, to whom I would express a most sincere and collegial gratitude.

From the outset the Paris Bar has looked to ensuring that my legal activity continue to be covered by professional secrecy. To which end Maître Vincent NIORÉ, Vice-Bâtonnier of the Paris Bar has sought to uphold our profession’s principles. As his entire career has been devoted to defending colleagues, we have placed our trust in him.

Amongst the DGSI investigators, I should thank those who despite whatever else went on, paid me some regard.

I wish to thank those amongst my solicitor-colleagues and other jurists who from the shadows, extended their support, including our domestic, European and international circles who remained throughout on red alert,

Lastly, my grateful thanks go out to the many thousands who sent messages of friendship and support and to those who made video-clips to alert the world to these unjust dealings.

What great strength that solidarity, that standing-together have given us!

The other side has it not. We shall cherish it.

Maître Virginie de Araujo-Recchia
30th March 2022


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