“The WHO Pandemic Treaty will establish a global, police, medical and scientific state”, Francis Boyle, professor of law

Publié le 23 février 2023 - 21:01
Francis Boyle
F. Froger / Z9, pour FranceSoir
Francis Boyle
F. Froger / Z9, pour FranceSoir

Francis Boyle is Professor of International Law at the University of Illinois. He is the author of the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, a U.S. law implementing the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention. In this new "Debriefing", Francis Boyle warns against the amendments to the International Health Regulations and against the World Health Organization (WHO) Pandemic Treaty.


Texts "binding under international law" that would violate the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties. Worse, once passed, they would give the WHO "dictatorial powers."

Leaders should then "enforce and apply both texts at the national level (...) It would go all the way to primary care that your doctors give you and beyond," he says. If the WHO obtains "these dictatorial powers, it will be able to order to undertake so-called medical measures that will kill you and not cure you (...) They can, during a pandemic, order lockdowns, masks or even more vaccines," Boyle said.

An unacceptable scenario for this lawyer, since "we cannot trust the WHO". It is a rotten, corrupt and criminal organization that is in the pocket of Big Pharma, the CDC, the biological warfare industry and the Chinese communist government." Francis Boyle explains to France-Soir that such texts, once in force, would establish "a world state, police, medical and scientific" whose authority "will exceed that of the States and their constitutions".

The law professor draws parallels between experimental biological weapons vaccines – which he campaigned against in the 1980s – and mRNA vaccines against the coronavirus. "Covid-19 is a biological warfare weapon" in the same way, or even "more dangerous", than anthrax and botulism. We have never before had any type of successful vaccine against a biological warfare agent... Excuse me, the two we had, were a disaster producing deaths and disabilities in both the United States and Britain," he said, referring to the 1990 Gulf War Syndrome.

This law professor called, during this interview, for the indictment of "all those involved, not only in covid-19, but also in vaccines, for murder and conspiracy to murder".


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