Anna Brees : the mainstream media is being replaced

Publié le 19 mars 2022 - 21:01
Mis à jour le 20 mars 2022 - 02:10
Anna Brees : debriefing
Anna Brees : debriefing

Anna Brees is a unique figure in the news industry. A former journalist for ITV and BBC television, she moved a decade or so ago into media-training for organizations in the private and public sectors. In 2017, she founded Brees Media, and now also trains citizen journalists.

As a mother of two, she initially began to scrutinize the underside of the Covid-19 crisis to defend her kids' integrity, including physical integrity, against masks, lockdowns, and then Covid vaccines. One thing leading to another, she was soon interviewing leading dissidents such as Dr. Mike Yeadon or Dr. Roger Hodkinson, and attending freedom marches.

To her, the mainstream media is no longer mainstream as it is virtually getting replaced. The MSM should henceforth be referred to as the "old media", she says, and the alternative media as the "new". The new media audience has already almost outstripped that of the old (for example, The Highwire alone garners 6 million views/week).

With the mainstream media, the public is no longer treated as intelligent adults capable of critical thinking. In cooperation with governments, a single narrative is provided and all debates are stiffled. Even though she has not made a definite opinion on the Ukrainian conflict, the latest example she shares is the censorship of Russia Today in order to prevent the public from hearing both sides.

Banned from YouTube, she is now suspended for 30 days from Facebook as well for having waived a selfie stick about whilst saying facetiously that she might "bash’s em on the head with a Selfie stick". Anna Brees is very influential on social media ; on various platforms, her posts often attract hundreds of thousands of views.

Given the breakdown in public confidence in governments, the question is "in whom and in what can you place your trust ? Where are our values?". Citizens worldwide must stop playing the underdog. Accordingly, Anna Brees supports emerging citizens’ movements such as Lawyers for Liberty, Stand in the Park, Rebels on Roundabouts, or Save our Rights UK which have built elaborate lines of communication.


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