In Germany, Dr Bhakdi calls for ethics and denouces the lies of EMA and the FDA

Publié le 28 avril 2021 - 17:43
Dr Bhakdi
In Germany, Dr Bhakdi calls for ethics and denouces the lies of EMA and the FDA

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi is a physician specialist in infectious diseases and a microbiologist.  He worked as a professor, researcher for many years among others at the Max Plank Institute before retiring - He calls for ethics on the part of doctors and denounces the lies of the EMA (European Medicine Agency) and the FDA (Federal  Drug  Agency).

For him the arrival of this new virus was nothing to write home about, because coronaviruses have been around us for a long time. In March 2020, he wrote a book Corona false alarm. When he saw the policy measures, including lockdowns, he really questioned the nature of those measures and, above all, the reasons why.

In this debriefing he speaks about the crisis, PCR tests, hydroxychloroquine dosage and overdose in some studies.  He then goes on to talk about mass vaccination and the risks taken by the authorities especially on side effects such as thrombosis. For him, the false PCR tests have led to erroneous health policy decisions.

One of Dr. Bhakdi's writings

We are currently in the middle of the Corona COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic of a global disaster, which is apparently caused by a new deadly virus that the whole world is trying to deal with after a warning from the World Health Organization (WHO), that according to this organization has a mortality of 3.4%. On the other hand, three leading experts on infectious diseases, Wolfgang  Wodarg, Sucharit Bhakdi and John PA  Ioannidis  argue that we misinterpret statistics and that, on the other hand, we are facing a disinformation campaign and not a dangerous new virus. WHO counts deaths incorrectly, ignores the nature of those infected, and ignores everything we know about coronavirus, all the cold and flu statistics we have access to, in addition to population mortality statistics. We also have access to creating a "false image" of a deadly pandemic. Unfortunately, politicians around the world have reacted to the WHO campaign as if it were true, creating a massive fear of the population, who come to believe that we are fighting another deadly infection. Widespread fear greatly increases the symptoms of Corona patients in the sensitive individual for psychosomatic reasons: if you think you have a fatal infection and everyone, including your own doctor and the hospital, reaffirm this belief, it is natural that you feel unwell. If you feel unwell in the hospital, you will receive treatment. Hospitalization and medication can cause hospital infections, side effects and increase mortality per se. In this way, the world has asserted itself in the illusion of a deadly pandemic, which in the first place does not even exist. COVID-19 has a mortality rate of about 0.01%, according to death statistics in many countries.

Dr Bakhdi  has created the Association  Doctor4CovidEthics,  which brings together several hundred scientists and doctors who are fighting against vaccine experiments carried out by the European Medicines Agency.  They warned about the risk of thrombosis and explained why the EMA could not continue to put people at serious risk with this vaccination. For him it is unacceptable and for reasons that go beyond science.

Debriefing in english

French version :


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