Steve Kirsch : "New Zealand vaccination data shows a real danger with covid shots"

Publié le 13 décembre 2023 - 17:30
Debriefing Steve Kirsch
Recently, Steve Kirsch proposed $10 million to debate with MIT professors on the adverse effects of covid vaccination.

Steve Kirsch is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, alumnus of the famous MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). He has distinguished himself during the health crisis by publishing nearly 1500 posts on his Substack.  As a consequence, he was censored from Twitter, LinkedIn, for his statements on vaccination. In the US and increasing number of evidence is accumulating that demonstrates the intervention of the authorities on social networks to contribute to the censorship of individuals with a different point of view to that of the authorities. It's all about silencing their critics, whatever the cost. 

Recently, Steve Kirsch proposed $10 million to debate with MIT professors on the adverse effects of covid vaccination. He delivered a speech in front of MIT students in the last few weeks. His video which he considers, with a certain sarcasm, should not be put in everyone's hands, has already received a lot of attention on social media

In this debriefing he presents his work with Barry Young, an employee of the New Zealand Ministry of Health. The large amount of vaccination data that was then anonymized by Kirsch demonstrates a real issue with vaccination in New Zealand.  He reveals an incredible censorship around this data, including an unheard-of intervention by his hosting operator that simple removed all his data repositories, including his own rework of the data. 

In France, further to the plain refusal of the DRESS (Directorate of Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics) to provide all-cause mortality data by age group and vaccination status, epidemiologist Laurent Toubiana went to court to obtain them.  Hearing is pending. 

So, the question arises: if vaccination is so effective, why don't the authorities want to be transparent about it? 


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