"The decision-makers must be held accountable" Dr. Richard Fleming

Publié le 20 octobre 2021 - 14:22
Dr Richard Fleming : nouveau debriefing
Dr Richard Fleming

Dr. Richard Fleming is a nuclear and preventive cardiologist who also holds a law degree and a PhD in physics. Currently pursuing research into SPECT cardiac imagery, he is the author of fifty or so articles in scholarly publications, and several books. Following his recent four-hour presentation at Dallas, he is back for another debriefing with France Soir.

In his view, chaos reigns in the USA at present: at this point, roughly half of the citizenry will no longer submit to seeing basic freedoms bridled, nor will they continue to accept official claims at face value.

Dr. Fleming suggests that citizens read the FDA's Emergency Use Authorisations for the vaccines with their own eyes, and further warns that he deems the injections to be cardiotoxic. In his view, the decision-makers must be held accountable – and the same applies to those who have perjured themselves before the US Congress.

He notes that in Cruzan vs Director, Missouri Department of Health (1990), which came before the US Supreme Court, that Court ruled that a person has the constitutional due process right to refuse medical care, and that forcing such care upon the unwilling constitutes assault (p. 79)

Deserving of our gratitude, he says, are scientists such as Professor Luc Montagnier, alongside the lawyers and Holocaust survivors who on September 29th 2021 filed a Joint Request for Investigation in the International Criminal Court at Den Haag. He calls upon the citizenry to turn out in number and sign the petition in support (cf. petition).

Dr. Fleming is categorical in his conclusion : history relates an endless string of defeats for those who seek to crush the people. Though the struggle invariably begins with the ones and the twos, they will be joined by millions who intend to see justice done.


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